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Solar Poultry Farm a Fiji First

Sunergise International announce the launch of Fiji’s first solar-powered poultry farm in partnership with Future Farms

Future Farms Ltd, a BSP Life Company, the producer of Fiji’s favourite Roosters chickens, has partnered with Sunergise International, the first pan-Pacific solar energy provider, to turn their property at Ba into a green energy leader. The 250 KW roof-mounted installation at the poultry farm is now Fiji’s largest roof mounted system, and was completed by a local team of engineers from Sunergise’s partner company Clay Energy.

For Future Farms, a BSP Life company, the decision to go solar had several advantages. Dallas Foon, Manager at Future Farms, explains: “Solar is perfect for our business. We use most of our electricity during the day, and have a huge roof space that we wanted to put to work to reduce operating costs.” He continues: “With solar, when the sun isn’t shining, we still have the grid. But when the sun does shine which is most of the time, we will harness this energy using the system installed by Sunergise to power our facility. Not only are we saving money but also doing our part for our environment.

Ajay Raniga, Director of Sunergise Fiji, adds: “We are delighted to work with a client like Future Farms, and to be able to offer them an option to enjoy long-term, real savings. The poultry industry in Fiji is growing fast – over 18 million birds were processed in 2011, double the number from 2009. Fiji is on the way to becoming self-sufficient in poultry. This project has been one of the most exciting we’ve had to date. We are looking forward in the coming year to doubling the current installation size to 500 KW – half a megawatt of clean power.

Going green is also an important priority for BSP Life, owner of Future Farms. With a long-term investment horizon and a key role in the economies of Fiji and other Pacific Island nations, BSP life is committed to social and environmental leadership as a good corporate citizen. The company has an eye for investments that make good business sense and that carry a greater benefits to society. Solar fits squarely within the criteria.

Fiji gets just over half its grid power from hydro, and most of the balance comes from diesel. That means every KW of solar saves on burning expensive, polluting fossil fuels and increases the total available power supply during the daytime – creating a win-win situation for FEA as well as for individual customers like Future Farms. Mr Raniga adds: “We really focus on working closely with FEA as our key strategic partner. Their support and guidance has been invaluable.”

The installation at Future Farms is one of a number of recent projects completed by Sunergise International in Fiji. The company has projects at Denarau Marina, Denarau Golf and Racquet Club, The Terraces Apartments on Denarau Island, Tokiriki Island Resort, and Fiji’s first solar supermarket at RB Patel JetPoint.

Lachlan McPherson