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The Leonardo DiCaprio Fund, Fiji Government and Sunergise switch on sustainable power to remote Fiji community as phase one of a regional solution.

The partnership between The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, Fiji Government, Fiji Electricity Authority and Sunergise provides clean, affordable energy to the remote Vio village in Fiji. The solar, battery micro-grid, with diesel generator (only as a back-up), creates a renewables-based system that provides smart-metered, pre-paid 24/7, climate-smart electricity to Vio.

The Vio implementation paves the way for a larger program to design and install similar systems for the hundreds of off-grid remote and rural communities around the Pacific Island with the goal to scale the program to reach up to 500 communities currently not served by the existing (or contemplated future) electrical grid.

The Fijian Prime Minister and President of COP23, Frank Bainimarama, said, “This program is a shining example of the grand coalition we are mobilising to address the challenge of climate change by working with leaders across the world and from all walks of life - governments at all levels, the private sector, foundations and civil society. I am pleased to see this partnership coming together as a model that can work in other countries around the globe.”

Vio tech specs:
2 x SI8.0H Battery Inverters
1 x 48V Bank BAE 6PVV900 - 968Ah @ C100
PV 5.9kWp
PV Inverter SB5.0
Diesel Set 15kVA

Lachlan McPherson