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Morningside first with community-shared solar grid

Morningside Precinct 75kWp microgrid

Morningside Precinct 75kWp microgrid

Sunergise in partnership with Nat Cheshire and the Britomart Hospitality Group has created a community-shared solar grid at Morningside Precinct.  The retail and hospitality centre at 14 MacDonald Street, Sandringham Auckland is powered by a 75kWp PV system comprising 250 solar panels.

The system is the first of its kind in New Zealand and provides a unified sustainable power solution for the 11 separate businesses at Morningside allowing them to reap the benefits of solar energy and reduce their energy rates collectively. Sunergise is the sole electricity supplier for the development.

Morningside precinct is credited with bringing a new and positive energy of its own kind into the area. The precinct comprises a range of eco-friendly enterprises and a 450 square metre function room known as ‘The Glasshouse’ that is available for events and community use.

Businesses at the site include New Zealand’s fastest growing online media brand Spinoff Media, iconic fashion designer Juliet Hogan, and the upscale, ethically-conscious food joint Burger Burger. 

Other Morningside businesses include cult café and patisserie Miann, tech innovators Translate Digital, foodie favourites Bo’s Dumplings and Electric Chicken, along with earth-friendly eatery Kind Café and the charitable collective Crave Café.

Sunergise NZ CEO Paul Makumbe says “It is a real buzz working with the visionary Nat Cheshire and the Britomart Group to bring this innovation to New Zealand. Now that sustainable energy can also be cost-effective energy we expect to see many more projects like this coming to light.”

Morningside Precinct

Morningside Precinct

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