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Ice on Fire NZ launch


HBO’s Ice on Fire played to climate-conscious marketers at a special screening hosted by Sunergise and The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation.

The event took place at Morningside Tavern a venue powered by Sunergise solar energy.

Produced by Oscar® winner Leonardo DiCaprio, HBO’s Ice on Fire focuses on many never-before-seen solutions to climate change including solar installations like those implemented in remote Pacific Island communities by Sunergise with support from the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation.

Ice on Fire highlights first-hand accounts of people at the forefront of the climate crisis, with insights from scientists, farmers and innovators.

Sunergise director Nick Worthington says ‘The documentary is clear, the solutions already exist, what we need to do is inspire people to work together to implement them.’

Ice on Fire is showing this month on SKY SOHO2.

Lachlan McPherson