Reliable, affordable energy for remote communities



Electricity is a basic building block for development. It enables work to be done at home, children to study at night, and remote communities to diversify their economies. We believe that everyone should have access to reliable, high quality, clean power. Sunergise is working hard to make this a reality for all, across the Pacific region.

SunAccess™ provides clean, affordable, sustainable energy to communities previously without grid power, or where existing generation is unreliable and very costly.

The populations of the Pacific islands are predominantly a prepaid market. To ensure that this sector of the market is served, SunAccess™ is a unique offering targeted at the off-grid population who have limited access to banking services and limited capital. Working with communities to understand their needs, we design and construct a custom micro-grid and can provide pay-as-you-go electricity to households at affordable rates. With this option, topping up is easy, and our user friendly system sends a warning whenever credit is low. Remote monitoring allows us to schedule any required maintenance work that cannot be completed by the locals whom we train to provide on-site support.