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Save more than the environment



Buy power, not panels.

Sunergise SunPlus™ allows businesses to go solar without buying any panels.

Using your available roof area or vacant land on-site, we design, finance, install and maintain a custom solar system. If you are grid-connected, we can cater for up to 100% of your daytime electricity requirements. If you are off-grid, Sunergise can offer a complete solution with storage and backup to meet your power needs.

The Sun provides us with enough energy in an hour to power the Earth for a year. That power that could be going to reduce your company’s costs. If you have a roof or vacant land, it’s time you put it to work for your business. With Sunergise SunPlus™, you can keep your capital where it belongs – invested in growing your business – while lowering your operating costs for the life of the agreement.

Invest in the savings

Sunergise assesses your site to determine the optimum solar PV system for your needs. Once you are happy with our proposal, we can install and maintain the system for zero money down. We offer an instant saving on your current power bill and fix your solar power rate for the longer term. With Sunergise SunPlus™, you pay less for electricity today and watch your savings grow over time as fossil fuel prices and grid electricity costs rise.

With SunPlus you simply pay for the solar power you use every month. It’s just like your old utility bill, only more affordable. We service, monitor and maintain the system to ensure that it is working at maximum efficiency.

Here's how it works


01/ We evaluate your building and power usage

We will look at your roof and your site to determine potential for solar, taking into account any aesthetic considerations.


02/ You get solar power for no capital outlay

Sunergise pay for the design, installation, insurance, and regular maintenance of the system.

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03/ You get cheaper electricity now and your savings increase over time

As the cost of power increases, your Sunergise SunPlus™ spend remains at the original lower price.


04/ We guarantee the power output

Guaranteed, reliable power is better for business. Plus we can help manage your consumption and advise on other ways to save.

To learn how Sunergise SunPlus™ can work for you contact